Saturday, December 1, 2007

happy day

Not to many days left now until the Pastor, takes the big jump,
We,re all looking forward to seeing him and his new bride together as husband and wife,
Pastor,Stan, is at his usual carryon, winding people up, he,ll get his come uppence one day,
His pet lizard bit him the other day, serves him right,!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Hi, I know its been a while since I up dated, nothing exciting has happened, I,ve jist been meandering along at as easy a pace that I could muster,and that was pretty easy,not more than two puffs and a grunt.
I did get all my spring planting done,and I even managed to transplant all my rose Bush's, not bad for an old guy going on s++++, No vulgar language permitted, but the old muscles did ache a bit, still what should I expect when I, m going into Autumn,we all have to cast our leaves sometime,but does,ent it just make you sick when you see all these young pastors and their wives,running about like teenagers in the first blossom of love, not to mention those young lovers on the countdown to the big day, YAHHHHHH, hand me that bucket quick! God bless them, they,ll need it,Ha,Ha,
Just heard that young Marky, pastor, Stan,son has had a bit of an accident,it seems he quite badly injured his mouth,I don,t know the extent of the injury I have,nt spoken to the pastor yet, but i,m sure they could be doing with every ones prayers just now, so if you would,please pray that all will be well.
The, Campbell, family have ask me to pass on their sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone
who prayed for their wife and mother, Margaret, who passed away recently, and have asked that you continue to pray for them,they do need your prayers at this time, please remember them,and ask that the lord will ease their pain,and that they will come to know the Lord Jesus, and claim him as their saviour and their king.
I,think that's all for now, I would ask you to remember me in your prayers also, that the Lords, will be done in my life,thank you, Goodnight, God bless all.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Thank you

Hi, many thanks to Karin and the Three sisters, for their most welcome comments,
I,did enjoy the scone,and the rest was,nt bad either,but I WOULD,NT,do it too often, too many
I,m only getting used to this blogging lark,so you,ll all have to wait til I CATCH UP, ANYWAY, i don,t have anything else to do but learn.
The two boys are curled up again,they had a big dinner earlier on and its taken its toll on them,
they can,t stand the pace anymore,and i must admit neither can I, I feel a bit Dosi myself.
On a much serious note though i would ask you all to keep praying for my friend, Margaret,s family, they are finding it hard to deal with their mothers passing,as we all are,if we feel this bad,
how must they be feeling,continue to pray also for,Bro,Paul Forrest, that the lord will see fit to bring him back to health, men like Bro, Paul,are,nt to easy come by,Good night Sisters,and may the prince of peace, bring his peace into your lives.

The lord is my Sheppard I,ll not want
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures
He leadeth me by the still waters
He restoreth my soul
He leads in the paths of righteousness
for his names sake,


Hi, I,ve some bad news today, my good friend and neighbour,Margaret,passed away just before midnight last night,she will be sadly missed both by her husband and children,and her neighbours,and the many,many friends who new and loved, Margaret, for the kind,and gentle lady
that she was,I,m sure i don,t only speak for myself, when I say our lives where all the richer for having known her, my first memory of Margaret,was the day after i moved to this area she appeared at my door to welcome me to the street and offer her and her family's friendship,I thought to myself, what a nice lady, and so the years proved, she has been a good friend and neighbour to me since,my heart go,s out to her husband, Seamus, and her three daughters and the three boys, and I pray that the lord, Jesus, will comfort and strengthen them in the days ahead,I ask that you also pray that, Jesus, will take them to himself and bring to everlasting life.

Margaret Campbell,
Passed away,30/9/2007

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Late evening

Its, 10-50pm,29/9/2007,attended the internment of ,Alfie Moore, today, he was the father of one of the sisters at the church,he was quite well known,and very well thought off judging by the many people who came to say goodbye,and the good news was that he had got saved sometime before his passing,its a joy to know that tonight he,s with the lord,and that he will be in that glorious presence for all eternity,it will be a great source of comfort to his family to know that their husband and father,will have eternal peace in the arms of the lord.
Had tea in pastor,Stans, this morning bang goe,s the diet, i had a ring doughnut and a danish whirl,
plenty of sugar in both,not to mention the scone,total calorie intake at one sitting,well i can always start tomorrow again,pastor Stan,[ bad influence].
Two boys curled up sleeping poor mites they had a tough day,chasing a ball around the back garden,hard going for any mutt,the pest next door has gone into his box for the night,so things should be a bit more relaxed now,unless some twit wakes him,throwing fireworks,or making some other stupid noise.
Nothing to exciting happened today,it came and went without to much fuss,i suppose thats better than the world going mad,their still culling cattle and sheep in ENGLAND due to the foot and mouth outbreak there,and now theres that new thing called bluetounge affecting cattle as well,it never rains but it pours.
I,ll break off now,pray that god will be with us all through this night and see us safely to a new day,may the peace of our saviour be with you now and always,Good night.

Late evening

Friday, September 28, 2007

midday meal

Hi, I,ve just started to make lunch, think i,ll just have a bit of salad today, i feel like something light, things have been a bit slow this morning,must be a bit of reptile in me, can,t get myself going until i warm up.
As always I don,t have much planned for today, i,ll just take things as they come,maybe I,ll go out with the camera for a while, theres some nice cloud patterns today so i might get some nice photos,
and theres plenty of autumn colour in the trees and hedgerows,I,m sure I,ll get some good pictures.
12:12 pm, 28/9/07,Bro Paul, not doing so good, needs to have pacemaker sorted,but not stable enough for surgery,If anybody who reads this blog is given to prayer,your prayers are needed and would be much apreciated, thank you.
Thought of the day; All that glitters is not gold,look for the real treasure in life,Gods love for you!.
See ya.